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Gyheio (Γύθειο), Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece. ❇ Gytheio is a charming port with lots of pleasure craft docked and many cafes, tavernas and lots of old buildings. To make a trip to Gytheio worthwhile. ⚓ After walking, sit on a tavern with a nice view, order some grilled octopus and drink ouzo. Octopi are hanging to dry in the hot Greek sun. This method cures the octopus and dried it out, thus concentrating the flavour.

The Dimitrios is beached near the city of Gytheio. Gytheio : (Greek, Modern: G??e??, Ancient/Katharevousa: G??e???) (Meaning: Land of the Gods), also Gythio, Githeio, Githio or Yithion is a town in the prefecture of Laconia in Greece, long known as the seaport of Sparta some 40 km away. Gytheio used to be an important port for many centuries until it was destroyed by an earthquake.