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And it has to be a childish kind of funny and action too...oh and maybe they can be like childhood friends or something like that idk lol

Lol when I was reading it I was like wtf u talking bout

Seb got a new toy. #buckybarnes #marvel

I just watched this today and let me tell you his hyungs were like 'O.O wtf Taehyung'

I doubt he'll ever be able to pick me up. No matter how strong the cutie is, I'm just to fat to be even considered

Considering the fact that like, all of my favorite fricking celebrities died this year...

OMG! Tom Hiddleston on the set of Kong: Skull Island. Full size image: Source:

from Wattpad

Edits Book! - *i seriously need to start coming up with titles*

My favorite edit ever! Like, ever.