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The girl never told anyone about her gift. She didn't say anything. She couldn't. Her voice was the price of her powers and for the sake of the world, it was a price she had to pay.


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Magic!!!! :)

Top left to bottom left:viri,seli,ruby,emerald second right:starry the powers my oc's wield

Belial (Lord of the Fourth, Lord of Pain and Sufferings, Arch-Devil of Hell) (Hell) (Demon) Demon. High-Level Intelligence. Immortality. Divine Powers. Super strength, speed. Fire Control. Force Field. Blast Power. Immense magical powers. 7' 3" tall.

God help you if you are a Phoenix and you dare to Rise Up from the Ash. A Thousand Eyes will smolder with jealousy as You were just flying past...Todd Lockwood.Transition

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Jason Chan Art

"oh I'm not running," "so revenge is better?" "who said it was I who wanted revenge,"