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tear drop crochet stitch pattern - this would be so gorgeous in alternating jewel tones like a peacock!

Pattern 17 - Charted. A tad smitten with this stitch. - - beautiful knit stitch pattern!

#Knitting_Stitch - "This Beautiful Trellis Stitch would be gorgeous for a winter scarf or sweater and although there are 8 rows to the pattern there are really only 4 rows with a change at the beginning to alternate the trellis Simple really!" comment via #KnittingGuru

This knitting stitch is perfect for a scarf because the wrong side looks good too! #knitting #stitch #diyscarf

#Knitting_Stitches - "Lovely lace stitch that's really easy to do. Different on each side, but equally beautiful for shawls and scarves. Right side of knitting stitch pattern is shown." comment via #KnittingGuru

How to knit the Tight Lattice Stitch. For written instructions and more info, visit the blog: This stitch is made by swapping the positions of two stitches and then either knitting or purling them on the right sides. On the wrong sides, both of the twisted stitches are purled. Yo...

Cast On an odd number of stitches. Row 1: (wrong side) K1, *P1, K1* repeat * to * to end. Row 2: P1, *SL1 (purl wise), P1* repeat * to * to end. These 2 rows form the pattern.


узоры спицами

Lace pattern


Узоры спицами

Pretty pattern with chart Homefrom Home

Make Your Cast on Fancier with the Frilled Cast on

Tutorial. The Frilled Cast On is extremely simple and gives a pretty, frilled edge that looks like crochet and blocks quite flat on a Stockinette Stitch piece. It is a good match for the Picot Bind Off, and is a nice alternative to Ribbing, Garter or Moss Stitch when you want an edging that is more decorative or delicate.