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Overcome Insomnia for Blissful Sleep | A 3-part course to help you overcome Insomnia and get your sleep cycle back working perfectly so you can sleep like a baby.

How Yoga Helped Me Overcome Depression

For me, depression was like a rogue wave. It would come out of nowhere and then I’d be under it: tossed and turned and tormented. This lasted for a few days, sometimes even a week, before I

Yoga For Men: 10 Yoga Poses For Strength And Flexibility. Forward Fold Stretches hamstrings, calves, and hips; strengthens legs and knees.

Fatigue? Get Acupuncture – Stimulate the function of your internal organs and glands and improve their function. The experienced practitioner will know how to understand the function of your body, while using the tongue and pulse diagnosis, to prescribe a personal treatment for you.

I Gave Up Sleep For Lent

I have two beautiful children, Taran who is 10 and Ellowyn who is I use essential oils on them all the time, a little too much my son tells me, not enough my daughter tells me. My daughter loves...

5 Things Healing From Terminal Cancer Taught Me About Adversity

I was recently interviewed by a beloved yoga teacher for a big yoga book/project. As he turned the tape recorder on and asked me the first question, something about how many times a week I practice

I see with regret from your letter that you are suffering very much from your noises in the ear. The unconscious often uses symptoms of this kind in order to make psychic contents audible, i.e., the symptoms are intensified by a psychogenic afflux and only then do they acquire the proper tormenting character that forces your attention inwards, where of course it gets caught in the disturbing noises. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 20-21.