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Cat Yoga...

Involuntary Pilates-knee jerk reaction to forced/court ordered exercise without consent. Stare at the face of resistance!

beauty with a pink bow...

Every little girl kitty should wear a pretty pink ribbon💕

Beautiful cat

gorgeous cat I saw this beautiful animal and thought that I get it. Why do many people are cat people. She /he 'so a gorgeous animal, a beautiful specimen of a domesticated feline.

I would so do this but I think my cat would try to claw me haha. http://www.cutestpaw.com/images/so-much-floof/

This kitty has the prettiest eyes. Pet Dog Cat Collar ACCESSORY Necktie by fingerstory on Etsy

KnoW all about pet https://www.happypet.info/

KnoW all about pet https://www.happypet.info/

Cute Cats

**Kitty**The Ragdoll is a cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat.

Aw, Mommy, we're just playin'. Nobody's gonna lose an eye.