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The Golden Temple, Amritsar, India

Entrance to Golden Temple, Amritsar -1870

January 9th - The Golden Temple - Amritsar, Punjab, India * Visit the Golden Temple at sunrise or late in the afternoon, when its dazzling domes are illuminated and reflected in the serene lake. The temple is the Sikh religion's holiest shrine, but it welcomes everyone.

The Golden Temple, Amritsar, India. The Golden Temple (informal name in Sikhism), is the most sacred and holiest shrine of Sikhism (the holy-of-holies of Sikhism). The official name of the Temple in Sikhism is: Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib, (Punjabi: ਹਰਿਮੰਦਰ ਸਾਹਿਬ ) which means literally (Harmandir Sahib meaning: The Abode of God).

Sikh massacre - August 5th 2012 in a suburb of Milwaukee, a Christian white supremacist walked into a Sikh temple and opened fire killing 6 of the temple's members. He stupidly thought they were Muslims. Maybe the shooter should have read this first. But then again he shouldn't have walked into ANY place of worship and opened fire.

The Golden Palace (Harmandir Sahib), is a prominent Sikh gurdwara (Gateway to the Guru) located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. Just beautiful!

Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Hasan Abdal Pakistan has the hand print of the Guru Nanak and is of fundamental importance to Sikhs the world over.

Obama's nephew cutting the thanksgiving bird.....just kidding.....sort of.