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About to give up? You step in to your bathroom, stare into the mirror at a reflection you used to despise. Your heart races as you reach for the scale, set it down on the shining, linoleum floor. You nervously wring your hands together. You place one foot on the familiar cold surface. Take ad deep breath. A number that seemed a thousand miles away. A number that defines the healthy, happy, new you. Your ultimate goal weight. Still want to quit?

from Fit Bottomed Girls

Gratitude, Goals and Balance: How to Maintain Your Weight Loss for Life

It’s easy to lose motivation once you’ve hit your goal weight. So here's our guide to keeping it off forever!

My Weight Loss Journey. Today is day one of my adventure. This is MY year. This is my weight loss journey. MY GOAL: I am aiming to lose 40 pounds.

from Good Housekeeping

A 7-Day, 1200-Calorie Meal Plan

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