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“The Death of Sardanapalus,” 1844, by Eugène Delacroix: When it was shown in the Paris Salon of 1827–28, Delacroix changed the history of art. This painting marked the coming of age of Romanticism and launched his career. As Sardanapalus’s palace is besieged, he reclines on a sumptuous bed atop an immense pyre that will soon be set aflame, and he orders the slaughter of all his women, attendants, and even his horses and dogs, so that no objects of his pleasure would outlive him.

Artworks to see before you die: Volume two

pastart: “ The Death of Marat Jacques-Louis David ” This 1793 Jacques-Louis David painting, for me, simultaneously represents the courageous idealistic values of honour defended by the noble...

#Eugène #Delacroix, the last words of the #Emperor #Marcus #Aurelius, a modern representation of the death of mark: the Emperor, Center, sits in bed, surrounded by friends and dignitaries, and squeezes the arm of #Commodus (right), dressed in red, clean shaven and dressed in Oriental manner, with earrings and a Crown, and appearing aloof and nonchalant.