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Are we sure she's not melting?

nicely balanced, contemplating her next move

Furry little mind = BLOWN!

Another thoughtful apparatus to allow a Good Cat to conveniently eat an ear of corn, via A Polar Bear's Tale

Cat Makes A Sled And Slides Down The Stairs

Thumbs are unnecessary

It's a bad neighborhood - totally drug infested.

Just a routine evening at home | 21 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Cats

What could possibly go wrong? rijksmuseum CuratorialCats

A Cat who did not tolerate Dragons in her garden! [from the ‘Queen Mary Psalter’ (1310-1320), British Library]

Cat Amusement Park

You have come to accept petty thievery as just a thing that happens to you sometimes: 23 Signs Your Cat Actually Owns You

Kitty Whack-a-Mole

Ludmila Schemeleva - End of the Ming Dynasty

Downward Cat with Upward Tail.

Assistive Device Cat

There are many boxes in this photo.. but only one cat. I think.

Cats with a strong instinct for Play -- by Shanghai Tango | Animal Hijinks (10 comics)

The discovery of the Petting Machine.

Your kitty has NEEDS. And drop the "mouse" jokes, already! "Mobile Usability for Cats: Essential Design Principles for Felines" by JAKOB NIELSEN on April 1, 2013 Topics: Human Computer Interaction Mobile & Tablet Summary: Feline users require special considerations, including larger tap target zones for paws, continual animation, and audible vocalization.

Upward Cat, Downward Cat.

CAT LOVES SNOW   Photo by Vinni Bruhn

THE NEW SHIP'S CAT -- When their eyes met that first time, the mutual respect was palpable... [for "Viking" by hughferriss, whose deviantart name later changed to natesonofsimp]

...because when the Dog sees the Cat, he might bang into you as he flees...