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A Million Little Pieces - Though there was some controversy about how exaggerated this story may have been, it was still a great read!

Yet another great Jodi Picoult book! Mercy questions what true love is and touches on the concept of trust. The book focuses mainly on two couples who seem to have nothing in common. The question is, which of the couples, if any, is a true example of a real relationship?


Secret Daughter: A Novel

Secret Daughter - a baby girl unwanted in her own culture must find her identity in her adopted culture

2 sisters in their 30s, their mother and aunt spend a summer on the Nantucket island they grew up vacationing at.

Something Borrowed--sometimes I hate finishing books because I feel like I know the characters so well--this is one of those books

Little Earthquakes: A Novel (Washington Square Press): Jennifer Weiner: 9780743470100: Books

Brain Candy. AbsoLUTEly delicious brain candy. Fast, easy read.