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Gansey knitting tools

Stitch markers - tutorial

One of the very few stitch patterns that really shows off Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon "yarn" -- Ravelry: gluud2myknitting's Ribbon Shawl

This RAVELRY TIP TOUR starts with a WELCOME box and takes you click by click through the useful wonder that is the YARN DATABASE and GUIDE. Ever wonder how that yarn that is so pretty on the skein will really look in different patterns? On ravelry, start with a yarn and click through PROJECTS to see exactly how it behaves!

Little Knits Viking Nordlys - Here in Cactus Flower - LittleKnits has 13 colors. Fingering weight, 385 yds; 75 Superwash wool / 25 nylon, 7 st/in on US 2 / 2.5mm needles. Lots of examples on Projects on Ravelry

Marlowe from Juniper Moon Farm is a 50/ 50 merino and silk blend. Soft and smooth in glowing combinations of Easter-egg pastels and brights, Marlowe is a single-ply worsted with the drape and luster of silk. The colors really shine in this yarn, clear and vibrant. Marlowe would make incredible multi-color accessories, like so-soft cowls you'll love to wear next to your skin. Made in Italy. discounted at

Alpaca face off -- from article on fashion uses, and how alpacas are much more sustainable than cashmere goats.

This color? It’s natural. ALPACAS

snagless stitch markers. Easy directions on what to buy and how to make from Knitpurlgurl

This is a good tutorial on ombre dyeing a skein of yarn. The focus is on yarn preparation and handling. I like this technique because you get a more gradual, controlled color progression.

For fibre artists who don't like their multiple yarn spools getting criss-crossed. What a cool idea!!

Carved Wooden Knitting Sheath - Used in one's waistband to support the bottom of a knitting needle. It is probably English, 18th century, "folky" in appearance with a decorative tri-color wood inlay. There is a pewter inset inscribed with the initials "A.J." Sewing tools like this were often made and given as presents from a suitor to his betrothed, so the initials could be those of the maker or of the receiver.

Nightlights Glow in the Dark Yarn at Woolstock Yarn shop

Teeny scissors -- not quite 2" tall -- well within US airline restrictions. Etsy seller theSexyKnitter says: "so sharp they'll cut through any yarn in one clean cut, including extra bulky. They can even cut through cardstock! The removable cap and spring action makes them very easy to use, and they fit easily in an altoids size tin."

Juniper Moon Farm "Marlowe" is 50/50 merino/silk. Soft and smooth in glowing Easter egg pastels and brights, Marlowe is a single-ply worsted with the drape and luster of silk, so the colors really shine.Makes incredible accessories, like cowls you'll love to wear next to your skin. Made in Italy, discounted at WEBS in many colors.

Need a large, stretchy conductive yarn? You're out of luck on the retail market, because they're all fine-gauge and non-stretchy. Instead, knit I-cord -- or, here, for people who don't knit, or want to crank out a lot of yardage, use a hand-crank I-cord maker. DIY includes info on results of combining of conductive and non-conductive yarns.

Review and overview of Conductive Threads by Syuzi (who got early-review samples as a grad student and has followed the field as more types have become available at the retail level.

With a few stitches of hand-sewing, you can convert any existing pair of gloves to be touch-screen compatible. All it takes is a couple feet of a suitable conductive thread. (Following links, 20% stainless steel seems to be enough, which ought to mean some of the habu textiles yarns would work). Several buying links at this DIY site. Just make a few stitches in each fingertip, to connect your fingers with the screen through the glove material.

Conductive Yarn - 300m for 20 USD. Fingering weight, polyester with 20% stainless steel, very little stretch, think un-stretchy cotton or bamboo yarns. Use to make the conductive touchscreen fingertips on gloves. if you want a stretchy cord, knit an I-cord.

Keep Balls of Yarn Tidy with a Pair of Old Tights - Tutorial by The Zen of Making

You don't have a ball winder? To make a center-pull ball, use a paper tube and this simple trick

Louisa Harding Amitola, discountable at WEBS | - Slow-striping, some great colors, 80 wool / 20 silk. hand wash, 273 yard put-up. Webs lists it as DK, ravelry users say it's lighter! People love the colors altho it sounds fiddley to use. 600 projects on rav, some people use it over and over.

Viking of Norway Nordlys, discountable at Sock weight, slow-striping, single ply, machine wash, 755% superwash wool / 25% nylon, put up in 385 yard skeins. People LoveHate it - all agree it is SOFT with wonderful color mixes. See variable experiences here at ravelry reviews: , and 800 projects here:

Easy to find in your bag, these bright key rings have a strap big enough to put around your wrist. Perfect for hanging on hooks to grab and go. Attach your thumb drive, scissors, or small accessories to one to make them easy to find! 6″ long, made from colorful, laminated-type fabric that is water resistant and cleanable.

Chic-a Circular Needle Case --Puts your circular needles in one zippered case. 16 slide-in pockets for your needles, and a separate zipper compartment for accessories. Zips open and lies flat, or zips all the way closed, keeping your needles and accessories secure. Size: 9” x 11”, $42 USD