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  • M Z

    Lightning strike with rainbow! awesome photography! Spectacular natural phenomena photos | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! News UK

  • Joy Paul

    rainbow, lightning-The beauty of mother nature

  • Lady Hawke

    Rainbow and lightning I feel sorry for the guy going for the pot of gold lol

  • Sasha Friend

    Spectacular shot #nature #photography #weather #rainbow #lightning

  • Ann Elizabeth Blair Watt

    Apparent contradictions are often just truths that come in pairs, like this rainbow and lightning. They show us that beauty and strength, the presence of pain and the calm of peace can be experienced in the same place and at the same time...(lightning storm, with rainbow)

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oh, my! Look at the lightning at the bottom!

lightning strike whew! Strike while the Iron is Hot,

Seeing lightning strike from a moving car...Photo by domestik, via Flickr

This is horrifying and beautiful at the same time.

He (God) promised He would never destroy the world again by water. Hence the reminds Him of His promise. Thank you LORD.

tell me multi-billion corporations who destroy ecosystems: why would you want to destroy this beauty?

Thank you for coming to me in my dream Dad. I needed you, and you are still there... Exactly nine years to the day you went to heaven, you still come to me and heal my heart. I love you too. Im glad youre happy. Your hug was beautiful. Its going to help me get through today. Thank you. :)

Pondering upon the creation of God is one of those things that brings peace to the heart