Turn Wire into Whimsical Trees

Gilded Pinecones How-To 1. In a ventilated area, line a surface with plastic and then paper. Secure a rod across an open cardboard box. 2. Insert a screw eye into base of each pinecone. Attach a 10-inch-long wire to each screw eye. 3. Stir gold paint. Wearing gloves, dip pinecones to coat; hang on rod in box. Let dry (at least 1 day). 4. Remove wire; thread with ribbon.

Christmas Special: DIY: Table Top Christmas Tree made from fresh evergreen clippings.

Handmade Star Wire Ornament | Click for 28 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home | Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments Homemade

mod podge old lace over styrofoam cone, let dry, remove from cone and spray paint gold or silver. fill with white lights and embellish with a star. Make different sizes for awesome grouping! @Larissa Swanson

love this and oh so simple

DIY Twine Christmas Tree {Easy Tutorial} #12DaysofTrees

3d knutsel: Love these stick & wool trees. - Repinned by Totetude.com

Hanging pine cones -cheap and easy way to dress up the windows for the holidays.

Dollar-Store Holiday Dioramas - clever way to turn dollar store wine glasses into holiday scenes for a centerpiece or candlescape. Create a snowy vignette with bottle brush trees and snowmen and deer figurines. Great Christmas craft idea!

Styrofoam cone, green string, glue! Cute and simple. You could do all different sizes. It would be fun for kids to decorate their own!

styrofoam trees or cones with a candlestick glued rolled in glitter...super easy

Deco Mesh Christmas Tree made with a Tomato Cage: Tutorial

SO DOING THIS!!!! Hobby Lobby letter wrapped in Christmas tree garland and add lights..

christmas craft

Ruffle Christmas Trees made from Styrofoam cones, finials, and spindles. Use a sewing machine to sew a line of stitches down one side of ribbon to allow you to ruffle the ribbon. (I wonder if you could use ribbon with wire in it and remove the wire from one side?) Glue the ribbon to the cone. Attach spindle at bottom to stand using Gorilla Glue. Attach finial to top. Add twine and bells for finishing touch. :)

Wooden Christmas Trees - I'm not into cutting out wooden shapes using power tools. However, I've seen light weight wood in craft stores that can be cut w/scissors or an exacto knife. ;0)

Classy Christmas decoration. Ornaments, wire, and green ornaments!

Yarn Tree-You can make this with a few supplies - cover a form in plastic wrap, dip yarn in glue and wrap it around. You can make this with a few supplies - cover a form in plastic wrap, dip yarn in glue and wrap it around.