Elephant necklace.<3;

Baby Elephant Necklace @Jaclyn Booton Booton Booton Booton Booton | http://jewelryphotocollections.blogspot.com

Little elephant necklace

elephants and scallops

This is adorable!

Elephant Leather Bracelet ( Etsy:: http://www.etsy.com/listing/81995248/elephant-leather-bracelet-11-colors-to# )

*CORRECT WEBSITE* I loved this little elephant the second I first saw it, but then I saw the baby elephant and fell in love even more. Pin-board by Asher Socrates #jewelry #elephant #ashersocrates #gold #like

Hand-made sterling silver jewelry based on molecules, like serotonin, dopamine, and caffeine.- I love being a science nerd (http://store.madewithmolecules.com/product/creativity-necklace)

Free shipping and returns on Dogeared 'Reminder - Strength' Boxed Pendant Necklace at Nordstrom.com. A beautifully detailed elephant reminds us of our own strength and intelligence—wear this delicate pendant necklace (or give it as a gift) to represent your own power to dream and thrive.

Love giraffe necklace, cute giraffe pendant necklace, dainty and chic everyday necklace, simple jewelry - gold / silver

Explains my tattoo :) always try to tell people that Elephants are good luck Elephant jewelry from dogeared...love but its a little too small


I can just see a "Roll Tide" kid in this! I think it may need a little houndstooth fabric in there somewhere, though. Perhaps a hat? :)

I want it!!! Nooooow... Star Trio Necklace #lovely #stars #necklace #fashion

I am not big on long necklaces, unless i can knot or wrap them several times and wear as bracelets. But this piece, I'd buy if I could. Something eye-catching about it

Awesome necklace! "What goes around, comes around."

cactus necklace

Beautiful bead necklace from francesca's

Adorable!!! @Jess Pearl and @Amber !!