This show rocks ... Do you feel ... Justified?


The Voice

The Voice

Criminal Minds - My favorite set of people they ever had in a season, right here

"I've been accused of bein' a lot of things... Inarticulate ain't one of 'em." ~Boyd Crowder, "Justified"

Shows in Their Final Season! Which Show are You Going to Miss?

One of my many favorite TV show's I watch! CSI it isn't the same without Grissom and yes I watched from the very beginning!

Justified (TV Series 2010– )

Best sign ever! #TimothyOlyphant #RaylanGivens #Justified #JustifiedFX #TimOlyphant #tvshows #bestshow #roadsign


American Idol




Modern Family (TV Series 2009– ) Gave it a shot while bored out of my mind dog sitting - so much fun! Actual out-loud laughing occurred.


"Forever" (2014) - Brand New Show on ABC!

How can I be Team Fitz but still Team Jake? How can I be Team Olivia but Team Mellie?!? Shonda, you are the only person in this world that can toy with my emotions at this level.... #Scandal

A story of fairytales. In modern day Portland, Oregon, a police detective inherits the ability to see supernatural creatures.

Heath Ledger