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10 Traditional Easter Recipes

Chocolate Chunk Flap Jacks are the perfect way to start out the morning.

'Jam Tarts' have been around forever but any historical reference to jam tarts appears at the same time sugar was available for jam making (honey, though sweet is no good for making jam) and as sugar in any form was costly, the humble jam tart had quite a status symbol. The tarts no longer carry such celebrity, and has been out of fashion for quite some time but is making a come back. A jam tart recipe is just so easy just a little pasty and jam or, for lemon tarts, using lemon curd.

Flapjack ready to eat in 5 minutes. Impatience pays off.

Banana Flapjacks - Healthy, Tasty & Easy Recipes on a Budget - Gourmet Mum

Sips and Spoonfuls: Fig, Oat and Banana Smoothie

honey & pumpkin seed flapjack - okay lost my mind for a bit