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Black Seminole people

Florida History - Seminole Indians

Native American beauty

Confederate Veteran ... a number of blacks served in the Confederate Army as soldiers.

The Infamous Willie Lynch Letter- American History most don't know about.

The Shinnecock tribe, black native Americans, hidden history in America.

Black Chinese Dynasty | Ancient Black Chinese People

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Seminole Indian Woman

Is Mrs. Obama the first black First Lady? Which US bill features a black man? You'll be surprised at the historical figures you didn't know were black. | Page 3

Many Native Americans welcomed African Americans into their villages. Even as slaves many African Americans became part of a family group, and many intermarried with Native Americans - thus many later became classified as Black Indians

Native American Art...

Historical Figures You Didn’t Know Were Black

Black Native American Indians | Black Native American Indians / Native American

black indians | American Indians Photo Page One

Buffalo Soldiers were members of an all-black regiment in the U.S. Army. The 10th Cavalry was formed on September 21, 1866 at Fort Leavenworth and was the regiment that the Indians first called "buffalo soldiers."

Cherokee Indians and African Americans | afro, native americans and Black Indians

Black Mexicans Indians | Re: Black Indians : Afro Native Americans

Native American

black cherokee indians |

Native American toddler