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    A Lao-Canadian,Cross-Cultural Birth by Donna Luangmany, who supports #CleanBirth #crowdfunding www.startsomegood...

    $5 Saves 2 Lives in #Laos. #crowdfunding #cleanbirth Please donate www.startsomegood...


    Might not be comfy but the little peanut needs to keep growing!

    birth junkie

    Did you hear … #Yale University is Coming with us to #Laos! Your Baby Shower Hostess Cards fund the #midwives to train local #nurses! www.cleanbirth.or... #babyshowerhostess

    The best way to remember your #homebirth | TheLaotianCommoti...

    Help us help her get the information she needs to make her next birth safer.

    Making Babies Cry in Laos (with my blue eyes)

    Unique baby shower hostess gift or party idea that does some social good

    Birthing beds in Laos where moms often deliver alone and without sterile supplies.

    Meet Noi Meet Noi. Her name means “Small” but she is doing BIG things for to make birth safer in Laos.

    a fracture pan is very handy at births for catching the placenta or a female urinal


    TheLaotianCommoti... placenta print

    TheLaotianCommoti...: Home birth in home bathtub. No birth pool needed!

    we must keep talking about birth to our daughters.

    Rebozo techniques poster

    Preparing the House for a Homebirth Good list for the first time home-birther!

    How Big is a Placenta Bowl? And Other Weird Questions You'll Ask When Planning a Home Birth

    Cope with Labor Pains, Naturally. Unmedicated labor doesn't mean a labor without pain relief. Emotional support, relaxation, soothing atmosphere, birth ball, visualization and affirmations, heat and cold, massage, water immersion, aromatherapy, acupressure

    Home Birth Must-Have's

    Placenta Tincture Benefits and recipe

    Tahoy mothers (in Laos) have 8-12 babies in their lifetime. Their risk of death is 470 per 100,000, worse than Afghanistan. A party favor in honor of these moms and the one you celebrate at a baby shower is one that reminds us that we are all connected. Birth kits for Baby Showers are priceless. Go to for details on how to get them at your shower!

    How to Have A Natural Birth In A Hospital