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Inspiring article "It’s awkward is what I’m trying to say and I’m not sure why. I’m not a hippie. I’m not Amish. I didn’t forget to go to the hospital in time. I’m merely an educated woman who examined her options and decided home birth was the best choice for me and my baby. I don’t feel that there is anything extreme or crazy about my choice."

How to Prepare Your Body for a Natural Birth... I've wanted to have a natural birth for years now. I know I will when I have my 1st baby. Good read!

Having had three home waterbirths, I loved this piece on setting up a birth tub for a homebirth - including one important tip for apartment dwellers!

Home Recycled gift card by wonderfulplace on Etsy

Home water birth using HypnoBirthing by Creating Your Calm. ****Includes pictures of a vaginal water birth****

A Birth Plan. One of my top reasons for birthing at home: A woman in labor should NOT have to worry about anyone but herself. Should not have to tell "caregivers" to back off. Should not have to "enforce" her birth plan. She should be able to be consumed by her labor of love and anticipation of meeting her child! Nothing and no one should hinder that.

Birthing with Love Instead of Fear. Best. Birth. Article. Ever.

Birth Into Being - The Russian Waterbirth Experience Beautiful look at water births and birth preparation in Russia. Including ocean births

Kaya Birthing Stools. this looks like the best thing so far. Oh well - I guess the staircase balastrating and good old squatting will do for me until they bring the price down! at least good to know there is such an option. maybe ask at hospital/ midwife if they have them or hire them? there r also many other such stools much cheaper.

Beautiful baby after natural birth. "His cord is clamped because this photo was taken over an hour after he was born and we had moved from the birthing pool to a bathtub for an herbal bath."

Colleen and Kristi have ten births between them including eight homebirths (6 UCs and two midwife-assisted), a (mostly) natural hospital birth, and a C-section. Here are the top 13 things they would share with anyone preparing for their own birth.