Betty's not sacrificing another sofa to those crazy kids ever again...

Before the day of disposable diapers, cloth diapers were pinned on and then covered with waterproof pants which were referred to as "rubber pants."

.There is so much about this photo of someone else's mom at christmas that brings back memories: The aluminum tree, the atomic clock and the quilted robe for starters...

Harvest Gold and avocado green were all the rage for new home appliances in the 70s. Very ugly colors.

Kristy McNichol and Leif Garrett on the cover of Dynamite magazine (March 1979)

Baby's First Cigarette

I remember seeing these everywhere.

45 records

When most homes had living rooms that were similar to this.

Remember when birthday parties looked like this?

L'eggs Pantyhose Wore many, many of these.

i knw I have some gradeschool pictures of me wearing these.

Sitting backwards in the station wagon

the walk-around bonnet hair dryer...general electric 1959...makes sense

How cute us this?!?! Had one of these with an extra long cord so I could walk around and talk or sit on the living room was da bomb!

Halloween in the 1970's..:-)

There was a light in it and it made it look like the waterfall was moving.

Boxed Halloween Costumes and accompanying plastic mask.

Plastic Cowboy & Indian Figures

Baton lessons on Sat. mornings

T-Shirt Clips - guilty