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    Betty's not sacrificing another sofa to those crazy kids ever again...

    .There is so much about this photo of someone else's mom at christmas that brings back memories: The aluminum tree, the atomic clock and the quilted robe, the fabric and style of couch.........

    Some people actually covered their furniture with plastic.

    1955 Kitchen - check out the plastic cover on the wringer-washer.

    Body suits - GAG !

    Who ever thought this was a good idea?

    Modeling a hard plastic 'safety bra' to protect female workers at war plants. USA 1943.

    We would sit outside with friends and neighbors in the evenings

    I remember seeing these everywhere.


    crochet toilet paper covers

    Bentwood Rocker

    I can still smell the plastic melting and feel the pain from burning myself on that DADGUMMED metal Thing Maker. Child-Safe? HA! We grew up tough in the 60's.


    When most homes had living rooms that were similar to this.

    Moo moos

    i remember these!

    70s - Baton when they were metal not plastic.

    Yarn Ponytail Ties

    My little stool from back in the 60's

    bean bag ash trays