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      My Gender Workbook: How to Become a Real Man, a Real Woman, the Real You, or Something Else Entirely: Kate Bornstein, Diane DiMasa: 9780415916738: Books

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    How to Really Defend Planned Parenthood - The New York Times - "too many pro-choice people are way too quiet. According to the Guttmacher Institute, nearly one in three women will have had at least one abortion by the time she reaches menopause. I suspect most of those women had someone who helped them, too — a husband or boyfriend, a friend, a parent. Where are those people? "

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    When corporations run ads that Get It, you know some change is underway.

    "Every Third Woman in America: How Legal Abortion Transformed Our Nation" - "This is an excellent, comprehensive, must-read review of the effect of legal abortion on women's health and women's lives, and what it will be like if we go back to pre-Roe days, from someone who deeply understands the past and present of abortion in the US."

    Over the years, quite a lot has changed

    gay ex voto ♥ "We thank the Sacred Heart for giving us the opportunity to have known abernos [?] and to find happiness as a couple ~Charles and Philip"

    "Mothers and Others"

    OH! The Horror!

    Matthew Vines, author of "God and the Gay Christian" responds to a recent post by The Gospel Coalition (“40 Questions for Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags”) that has gone viral among conservatives. Many questions face Christians as they respond to changes in marriage and LGBT rights. Consider Matthew's...

    No, no, you misunderstand -- What we want is for your gay kids to survive.

    The difference between guns and birth control - Nobody has actually tried to take away your guns

    If We Talked About Men The Way We Talk About Women. If you think any of these are "wrong" or "messed up" then you need to wake up and realize that these are considered "normal" and "acceptable" when talking to OR about women.

    In 1959, when Joe Biden was 17, he happened to see two men in business suits embrace and kiss one another. "I turned and looked at my Dad, just looked at him. And I’ll never forget what he said. He said, 'Joey, they love each other. It’s simple. They love each other.'" Biden's full speech at the click.

    The True "Price" Of Being A Young Woman In College (And It's Not OK) By Dr. Lisa Kaplin -- "My son picked his college based on academic fit. My daughter picked hers based on campus safety..."

    These 25 Examples of Male Privilege from a Trans Guy’s Perspective Really Prove the Point

    The Beginning Black Feminist’s Guide to Feminism Without the Anti-Black Bullsh*t -- Maisha Z. Johnson

    "NO UNION IS MORE PROFOUND THAN MARRIAGE..." Text of the final paragraph of the Obergefell decision.

    It's worth dusting off a few editorial cartoons from 2013 DOMA ruling.- more at linkh

    We've been this route before. (At link: 2013 editorial cartoons from the DOMA decision, relevant again)

    Letter from a gay Alabamian to his 15-year-old self | amazing LGBT people will be doing amazing things right in front of your eyes, and they all started from the same place you did—Alabama.They are all standing on the shoulders of giants. So embrace these strides, but also spend more time learning about LGBT history. It is not, as you suspect, a history of victims. It's a history rich with fighters, advocates, artists, and intellectuals..." Letter at link

    A quick rundown of some of the data that says people don't choose to be gay, straight, or in between. (Nowsourcing made the graphic, and many of the scientific studies are cited/linked at the bottom.)

    "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." - MLK, Jr. #LoveWins [Link goes to Glennon Doyle Melton's "Momastery" website]

    What They Mean When They Say They're Not a Feminist | Ronnie Ritchie, Everyday Feminism, 30 March 2015