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  • Sarah Weissinger

    Original pinner "debra knows whats up. Ha ha ah a.." this makes me laugh. If you've ever seen that internet trash with pictures of walmart shoppers going in in underwear, pajamas, and various states of less than optimal dress...this post is funny. Who dresses up to go to walmart? It's probably the only place I'd go even after I mowed the lawn in Florida during the summer. At second thought it makes me extra curious about how people dress for Dollar Palace!

  • Melissa Lindsey

    Amen sista. However, you and your peeps are welcome at our Walmart. Funny stuff.

  • Maegan Watson

    If people are "dressed up" at wal Mart.. I'd hate to see what the people at "dollar palace" look like.. "/

  • Mikael Young

    nice I wonder what this dress code is considering how people dress at wal mart already

  • Connie Starita

    All dressed up. I always laugh when I see this one. OMG, I would hate to see what she wears to the dollar store. I work at," Wally World", and we really do see some sights......Connie ( She must go in her underwear, because so many people come to our store, in their pj's and slippers). What a fad:sad.

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This is needed on this board. Because this is how I feel whenever I express my opinion. But I don't have the intention of starting crap.

Wow.... I'm laughing so hard I'm crying . . . At the stupidity of people. People make me depressed.

preach it! yes, this is how i feel...UNLESS you're wearing something that covers your butt and is a bit longer to, say, mid-thigh or so.

For working in retail, I totally know how that feels.

People who say literally….I catch myself doing this sometimes. Cringe-worthy!



Hahahah let's get on a ball and lift a shit ton of weights... Yeh lets see the results

I once asked my daughter by text if she'd found her lost phone ... she had just texted me something LOL

As long as everything is EXACTLY the way I want it, I am totally flexible.

Oh my gosh.. this is perfect