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Garam Masala is a spice mixture that will take you a long way in adding flavors to your dishes. A simple blend that you just mix and use whenever it calls.

Oil of Oregano - I have used Oil of Oregano in the past. Didn't know it treats respiratory and sinus infections...will buy some today.

Ginger Turmeric Honey Bomb — UP KNÖRTH


Herbs frozen in Olive Oil. One of 10 Shortcuts for Better Cooking | Design Mom

Now is the time to harvest those herbs from your garden. Making a little bundle of fresh herbs (a bouquet garni) is so easy and it transforms all your soups and sews and sauces to gourmet status instantly. Try it, you won't believe the difference in taste.

Homemade Cinnamon Oil - this oil is so very expensive to buy...make it yourself and save $$$ - just 2 ingredients. Christmas DIY gifts? YES!

Sleeping oil (2 oz, 60ml) Ideal for: • Increasing the quality of your sleep • Calming of your sleep • Calming your mind

20 Strange but Effective Everyday Uses for Castor Oil – DIY & Crafts URL: http://castoroil.org/ Fb fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/castoroil.org


Thieves Vinegar - Herbal remedy historically used to fight the Plague, these recipes use antiviral and antibacterial herbs to boost immunity and fight germs

Authentic SMART CRUSHER Brand CNC SPACE QUALITY ALUMINUM SPICE TOBACCO Pollen Herb Press 5 Pcs - http://spicegrinder.biz/authentic-smart-crusher-brand-cnc-space-quality-aluminum-spice-tobacco-pollen-herb-press-5-pcs/

Oregano Oil: The Ultimate Antibiotic / http://villagegreennetwork.com/oregano-oil-ultimate-antibiotic/

The 6 Most Powerful Essential Oils for Your Health and Home 1. Lavender – All Things Calming 2. Lemon – Clean and Freshen 3. Peppermint – Cool and Invigorate 4. Melaleuca (Tea Tree) – First Aid for the Skin 5. Oregano – Natural Immune Support 6. On Guard Protective Blend – Natural Defense