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These miniature salmon burgers are proof that big flavors come in small packages. Fresh salmon in a pineapple-teriyaki glaze, seared pineapple slices, lightly mashed avocado, and peppery watercress make them the perfect sweet and savory summer sandwiches.

For larger burgers, of the six- to eight-ounce range, sous-vide precision cooking is a wonderful method of ensuring that your burgers come out with an unparalleled level of juiciness every single time. Just like a steak or pork chop, a precision-cooked hamburger goes through a two-phase cooking process: a stay in a water bath, followed by searing in a pan or on a grill.

It may not be a traditionally Japanese combination, but that's not to say that teriyaki sauce doesn't go well with hamburgers. It does. Spectacularly so. But you can't just go to the store, buy a bottle of sauce, and start dousing your burger in it willy-nilly. There's technique at the heart of a good teriyaki burger—here's how I made mine.

Instead of cooking up plain beef burgers all season, have your hand-ground beef chuck cozy up to smoky Cajun andouille sausage to create patties that ooze with flavor. Replace the typical burger topping trio (lettuce, onion, and tomato) with the NOLA trinity (bell pepper, onion, and celery). Top it all off with spicy remoulade and blue cheese, and don't look back.

Argentine Asado Burgers With Seared Provolone and ChimichurriReally nice recipes. Every hour.Show me what you cooked!

Inspired by beef momo seasoned with the tingly heat of Sichuan peppercorns, these burgers are spiked with a fragrant mixture of that spice, plus cumin, star anise, fennel, chili flakes, and brown sugar. A tangy chili mayo with plenty of fresh ginger and cucumber pickles round it out.

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