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It doesn't matter to me what you think of Joel Osteen. This book was so encouraging and uplifting about have God's favor. Loved it!

  • Kat Clayton

    I'm loving this book. I've been stuck in a rut. I've found my faith again and pray every morning to be in favor of God for just a good day.

Your Best Life Begins Each Morning by Joel Osteen

Self help books ... no, I've never read this book ... but the title got me, I'd love to be living my best life now :)

Joel Osteen - Your best Life Now

  • Emilie LaFave

    His point is serving God is living your best life. He does not preach prosperity; He teaches that if you belong to the Lord, you're rich, and all your needs are supplied. Try it; you'll like it. To hate someone you don't even know, or have tried his ideas, is to be an ignorant idiot. You have NO CLUE what you're talking about. God said, Touch NOT My anointed; you'd better be very careful who you criticize Vickie and Dan. You're showing your ignorance.

  • Vicki Moore

    I'm sorry if I offended you. I tried to be as gracious as possible. What does Joel say about sin?

  • H

    I'm a church attending Christian, but I've noticed that in Osteen's world, there are no consequences for poor behavior.

  • Brandon Wilson

    Oh boy, I was going to stay out of this one, but Emilie you are showing your ignorance as well. The best thing we can do in studying anyone else is to take their teaching right back to the scriptures. In this case, Osteen is not only a heretic, but he outright denies Christ as the only way. Don't take our word for it, research for yourself. Their are plenty of times he has been called out on his theology by much more credentially sound scholars, and has been shown his ignorance. His interview with Larry king for one, and you can listen to John MacArthur's sermon clip about this very book. No, not all his teaching is bad, but his point in this book is to preach word of faith and prosperity. Case in point, this life is not about living our best life, we don't deserve even a lowly life. You are simply missing the point I'm afraid.

  • Julie Bunn

    and how much $ does he make to tell you what you already KNOW in your heart? Pfft.

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The book is divided into seven important parts: -Don't Give Away Your Power -Know What to Ignore -Live Without Crutches -Travel Light -Laugh Often -Be a Dream Releaser -Celebrate Yourself

Your Best Life Now - Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen is a native Texan and the Pastor of Lakewood Church, which according to Church Growth Today is Americas largest and fastest growing church. On July 16, 2005 after completing $95 million dollars in renovations, Joel moved Lakewood Church into its new 16,000-seat home - the former Compaq Center. It is the largest regularly-used worship center in the United States. Each week Joel delivers Gods message of hope and encouragement to more than 38,000 attendees.

Every setback is a Setup For A Comeback. God wants to bring you out better then you were before.

Just some words of inspiration that apply to my life right now. Thought I'd share them with anyone else out there who's trying to accomplish something big and desperately needs God 's favor to do it. The flood is from a Joel Osteen message- so inspirational and positive.