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Sandbox inside the run. What a great idea. The Nancy Creek Coop - Irf1983's Chicken Coop - BackYard Chickens Community

Mixing Your Own Organic Chicken Feed: 1 part hulled barley 1 part oat groats 1 part sunflower seeds (in winter this is increased to 2 parts) 1 part millet 1 part kamut 1 part amaranth seeds 1 part split peas 1 part lentils 1 part quinoa 1 part sesame seeds 1/2 part flax seeds 1/2 part kelp granules free choice of granite grit free choice of oyster shell

The Ozark Housefrom The Ozark House

Growing fodder for the homestead

Growing fodder (sprouted barley) for animal feed. Cuts your spending on feed in half (at least)!

How to keep your homestead organized with chicken feeder pipes.

10 Best DIY Chicken Feeder And Waterer Plans And Ideas...

Chickens compost -- Grow a garden to feed your chickens and let them feed your garden. Here's a helpful article about giving your flock homegrown, all-natural feeds -- and reaping the benefit in rich compost.