This is made of Paper. Yes, paper.

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....paper art.......

amazing book sculpture. I don't know who the artist is and I can't seem to find out. Does anyone know?

Incredible! -PAPER

Awesome paper art by Jen Stark (Pic) | Daily Dawdle

Paper art of Native American indians made by Allen and Patty Eckman

Isabell Buenz – Paper Textiles

Native American paper sculpture. I mean come on! Wow, just wow! and done with paper! See more of them here:

3d paper plate dress “Art is a bridge leading us to God.” Ebers

paper art dragon

March Hare by Helen Musselwhite. she is just amazing!

Talk about bringing stories to life Gripping Book Art: Sculptures Worth Reading About

Paper sculpture by Cheong-ah Hwan: And I can't even make a paper friggin snowflake. You've got to be kidding me

White paper castle

Incredible Paper Sculpture by Mark of Present & Correct.

art in paper.

OMG! What a fantastic way to make a 'paper world' a literal 3-D world to experience!!!! Some how this just seems perfect! Of course we would have to make it out of something more substantial...Helen Musselwhite (artist)

paper sculpture

"I added all of the three-dimensional techniques I could think of, and my new chart looks like a work of art all by itself!"