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    • Julius Hansen

      baby albino #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals

    • Vanessa Ayarza

      Albino baby koala! - Surprisingly Cute Baby Animals - Likes


      #Cute #Albino #BabyKoala #BearCub #Sleeping with its #Mother photo by Ethan Hein - #AdorableAnimals #BabyAnimals #CuteAnimals #KoalaBear

    • Sarah McKlveen

      Surprisingly Cute Baby Animals - LOOK AT THIS CUTE BABY ALBINO KOALA BEAR!!!

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    Albino Koala ~ I always loved Koala Bears. This is not my picture but I am so happy I had the opportunity to travel and see them in person : )

    'Albino Koala' - White Koalas are not albinos, they are merely a rare colouration. Overall colouration a creamy-white, with darker areas down the chest and on the hands and feet. The rounded head is contrasted by a large oblong, black nose. The eyes are yellow and the eyelids are pink. They live in Eucalyptus forests in Eastern Australia. Length: 70 - 80cm Weight: 5 - 14kg

    Baby Albino Koala-the world is so blessed with all kinds of beautiful animals.

    San Diego Zoo's Onya-Birri (Australian aboriginal words meaning Ghost Boy) is an albino koala | photo by San Diego Zoo

    Give your kids a safe place to snuggle in...

    1) This is cute. 2) Remember when you had a stuffed Koala from Busch Gardens and you named it brushcomb? 3) Remember when you got Pandas and Koalas confused?

    animalgazing: peeking eliza by urbanmenagerie on Flickr.

    Koala. I've been fortunate enough to see this beautiful creature up close and personal. Enough to pet one. They are absolutely beautiful.

    koala// How can something so cute be kind of nasty? Don't try to be nice to one in the wild!

    Koala Snuggle: Midgee and her new male joey snoozing and snuggling. Taken inside Gumleaf Hideout at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on 4/23/11