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    • Yesi

      I am not a perfect friend. I have many quirks and personality issues I have to work on... but if there's one thing i can truly say i am sure of, is that i would do this for any of my friends or fam... that's why i feel OK to pin. i am a good listener, albeit imperfect.

    • Ashley Griffin

      Drake Quotes - I take this very seriously :) if you're my friend, I've got your back no matter what time it is or whatever you need!

    • MargueriteAReynolds

      I will never claim to be a "good person." Nor will I ever be described as having "a great personality." And truth be told, I'm not the "life of the party." But the one thing that I work very, very hard at a true friend.

    • Alissa Sheanshang Wickline

      This is so matter how hard things are for me I will ALWAYS be there for my friends whenever they need me, it's what friends do.

    • Faustino Zayas

      This is love my friends, this is love. No matter what you can call me. It doesn't matter what I am doing, it doesn't matter who I am with I will be there for you fighting the fight.

    • Ellenna Paiva

      I will always be here for you no matter what. I may not have the words you want to hear or even know what to say, but I will always have a listening ear.

    • ·*Katie Donahue*·

      If you need me, call me. I dont care if Im sleeping, if im having my own problems or if Im angry at you. If you need me and if you need to talk to me, Ill always be there for you... ((This is one thing that I will *ALWAYS* stress to my children. They don't ever have to worry.. regardless of the situation.. I will be there when they need me:: No matter what time; place; reason... I will *ALWAYS* be there..... Love them more than life.♥))

    • Cynthia Georgantas

      Exactly If you need me I 'll be there

    • Lori Gilliano

      True friendship quote

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    Anytime you need a friend ... If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder

    Very true

    so true

    I don't let people in often...



    Sometimes when i say i'm okay i want..

    Although I am still me, I am just not the same since wr have been apart. You forever stole and hokd a piece of my heart. Your tenderness, comfort, goodness and love opened me up and brought a peace like I have never known. You are my person I am just sad I may not be yours. I hope this quote represents your heart too. ILY always

    Yes. I'll always have those three things...even if I don't have the right words

    Bestfriends @Hollie Rients @Hannah Mestel Mestel Burkig ... Thank you girls ♥

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    ''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' I have the best mom.

    Rachel Ann John I wish you could see these things, when I hear of your pain I cry even though now you hate me I still consider myself your best friend and when the time comes I will be there, standing next to you

    So thankful for all the TONS of wonderful people around me! This weekends get together was a great reminder of that! People that are so sweet and loving and thoughtful and let me prove myself instead of lump me in with the last one. And ESPECIALLY grateful for my sweet sweet love and everything he is ♥ #lovemylife #livinitup #confidenceinChrist

    ill be there


    Those who love you are not fooled...

    In the end, you'll know which people really love you. They're the ones who see you for who you are and no matter what, always find a way to be at -- Your side. I'm very thankful to my lifelong friends who truly get me better than I get myself and speak truth, grace, encouragement and love into my life. I'm thankful to know them just as well. What a precious gift we are to one another!