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  • Jennifer Rice

    Essential life skill #3: folding a shirt and tie from a dollar bill. In terms of usefulness, I rank this right up there with the ability to parallel park. This is my first-ever money origami attempt, which was much more successful than the parallel parking section of my driving test, which I failed.

  • Nancy Lennon Hansen

    Last-minute Father's Day gift idea - Essential life skill: money origami | How About Orange - see youtube video:

  • Erwin Wuckert

    Cute gift Idea and I actually could make it - pretty #creative handmade gifts #handmade gifts #do it yourself gifts #diy gifts|

  • Nell Foulke

    Essential life skill: money origami | How About Orange, for those cash gifts

  • Ginny Warlick

    Handmade Pinterest Homemade Gifts | New Nostalgia: Homemade Father's Day Gift Ideas

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