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I totally remember this box, couldn't figure why they put the plain ones in the box....they were always the ones left to last. :)

25 Cereals From The '80s You Will Never Eat Again (I ate quite a few of these: pac-man, strawberry shortcake, s'mores, and others)

1986 General Mills Ice Cream Cones Cereal Box Front by gregg_koenig, via Flickr

These were so good!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal | 26 Cereals From The ’90s You’ll Never Be Able To EatAgain

I'm pretty sure that as a little girl I wanted to be peaches and cream barbie when I grew up.

Mr. T Cereal - I pity the fool who never tried this cereal at least once! (25 Cereals From The '80s You Will Never Eat Again)