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Cake Wrecks


Sooo Funny




Dr. Who

"We miss alreal"? (Cake Wrecks)

Disturbing Cake

Gruesome Cakes

Seriously Disturbing


Inducing Baby

Magnificent Cakes

It'S Cake

Cakes Sweet

Wtf Cakes

I am not even sure what this is....Cake Wrecks

Wrecks Easter

People Thinking

People Don T

Cake Mistakes What

Cake Wrecks

Grumpy Cat

White Chocolate

Eat Cake


from cake wrecks

Piping Cakes

Order Forms

Hahahahaha Cake

Laugh Cake

Cakes Designs

Cake Order

Cake Decorators

Cake Mistakes

Bad Cakes

I love Cake Wrecks

Nancy'S Pins

Lefty Cake

Cake Cookies

Kitchen Disasters

Disaster Cakes

Cakes Gone Wrong

Cake Stuff

Bad Cake

Cake Decorator

from cake

Cake Recks

Cake Art

Eat Cake

Wtf Cakes

Funny Cakes

Bad Cakes

Cake Toss

Cake Wreckage

Wreck Daily

from cake wrecks

Worst Cakes

Wtf Cakes

Creepy Orange


Alien Dog

Cake Wrecks Omg

Dog God

Orange Stuff

Cakes Baked

Cake wrecks. The best.

Sweets Mother S

Mother S Cakes

Sweets Happy

Sunday Sweets

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day Cake

Happy Day

Cake Sink

Cakes Mckenna

cake wrecks

Ugly Bad Cakes

Horrid Cakes

Horrible Cake

Horrible Things

Cake Tastrophe

Eat Cake

Cake Wrecks Lol

Wrecks Blog

Ulgy Cake

Eye see you! See more awful Easter cakes on the Cake Wrecks blog.


Life Sized


The Bride

Bride Look

Cake Ideas

Dream Wedding

Bride Wedding

Worst Wedding

I love Cake Wrecks!

Cakes Wrecks

Squarespace Cacheversion

Fall Fail

Can T Describe

Bad Spellers

There S Cake


Jen Yates

Hilarious Cakes

Cake Wrecks

Dora Wtf

Dang Dora

Poor Dora

Funny Dora

Funny Messups

Funny Stuff

Funny Cake Fails

Hilarious Cake

Dora Cake

Dora the Explorer cake

Funny Theme Wedding

Bad Wedding

Future Wedding

Wedding Cake Fails Funny

Cake Bad

Cake Tastrophe

Cake Tiers

Cringe Cakes

Cakes Attack

HAHA Flamingo poop & peeps

Cakes Don T

Bad Cakes

Bride S Worst

Cake Funnys

Cake Wrecks Lol

Aka Cake

Wrecked Cakes

Professional Cakes

Disaster Cakes

The idea was there.....but no techniques at all!!!!

Poor Sponge

Sponge Bob

Cake 25

Favorite Cakes

Cakewrecks Com

Cake Creations

Eat Cake Wrecks



Sponge Bob????

Funny Result

Play Telephone

Professional Cakes

Funny Cakes

Wtf Cakes

Bad Cakes

Cookie Cakes

Wrecks Hilarious

Food Jokes

Sprinkles on it

Fail Cakes

Cakes 10

Eat Cakes

Poor Patrice

Cake Mistakes

Coal S Cakes

Favorite Cakewrecks

Photo Cakes

Inappropriate Weird Bad Cakes

Happy Last Birthday, Patrice

Cake Wrecks Crack

Turkey Cakes

Ulgy Cake

Walmart What S

Cakes Baked

Cake Tastrophe

Wtf Cakes

Baked Goods

Terribly Wrong

"And so, in conclusion, all turkey cakes look like poo." via Cake Wrecks



Cake Amazing

Fabulous Cakes

Unbelievable Cakes

15 Fabulous

Fabulous Disney

Amazing Cake Disney

Wonderful Cakes

"Up" cake...yes, this is a cake. That's how awesome it is.

28 Cakes

Fun Cakes

27 Moments

Awkward Moments

Life'S Awkward

Mobi Cakes

Favorite Cakewrecks

Apology Cakes

27 Occasions

Sorry that you fell and 15 people seen it.

Homemade Birthday Cakes

Cake Birthday

Happy Birthday

Birthday Ideas

Birthday Memories

Birthday Jerk

Birthday Pins

Witty Cakes

Weird Cakes

Here's your stupid cake!!