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  • Heather Vriends

    EASY way to grow potatoes with just newspaper and straw! I wonder if it works

  • Melas2011

    EASY way to grow potatoes with newspaper and straw. Soak newspaper in water and put down thick layers. Add potatoes. If they have lots of eyes, cut them in half. Face the eyes upward. Cover the pototoes with straw. As they grow, add more straw to keep them fairly covered. You'll know they're ready to harvest when the plants start to die off...then just uncover the potatoes. The roots will have grown down into the ground, but the potatoes will be laying on top for easy access!

  • Barb Konings

    Growing potatoes with straw and wet newspaper

  • Andrea Nestor

    Plant potatoes on wet newspaper and cover with digging, now weeding, no tilling.

  • Susan Dreams

    Growing potatoes on top of the ground.... I really want to try this next year. Covering potatoes with straw

  • Ashley

    Covering potatoes with straw- no dig potatoes

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