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Ahhhhh, my first word.

The Betches' Guide to Unfriending People on Facebook

Religion Against Humanity By Wole Soyinka - Politics - Nigeria

Bahahahaja!!! I have about twelve people who need this!

The perfect birthday gift for my husband.saw this on a bumper sticker

Story of my life!

my DVR is over full.maybe I need to take my laptop where my DVR is LOL

how funny

im to young to be engaged but it reminds me people uglier then me are in a relationship.

Anything but going on a diet...

I'm one flu away from my goal weight. Sad but true how many times I've thought this!

Imgur and Awkward Family Photos Present Recreate the Awkwardness Contest - Imgur

Neil Patrick Harris on Punk’d

Funny Wedding Ecard: Marriage really means you get to put up with insane inlaws. Ain't that the truth!

Oh yes!! Gentleman in the street and Christian Grey is the sheets

Every girl wants a gentleman in the street and a Christian Grey in the sheets.