• Grace Skopin

    I'm sure I've said this exact quote...

  • Felicia Haag

    I posted this in Funny Stuff, even though it's clearly true!

  • Syn Rovale

    Unfortunately this is the case. Schools need to be reformed to be individualized, teachers no longer abused, and more courses added to elementary, middle, and secondary schools that educate children in thriving as they grow. Basic life skills, cause & effect, etc. Things that cannot be contested as a view point but rather taught as established basic fact.

  • Kelly Klos

    I believe basic common sense should be taught in schools since it obviously isn't being taught at home any longer. SO TRUE

  • Nat Meets World

    The truth other wise I wouldn't be seeing so many people with no common sense. It's really sad when teachers have to do this now.

  • Ruth Tapley

    So true but that would be one more thing teachers had to do!!

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