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This is not only a great idea for storing fabric but also a good way to audition fabrics for your quilt. She tells how to do this and is sounds very easy

Green Halloween: 13 Eco-Creepy Crafts & Decor

WOW! Print an image of a flattened face with a laser printer, stick it in a jar full of water and add some hair for effect, and you’ve got an eerily realistic, rather gruesome Halloween prop that costs next to nothing. Use a tall, narrow jar and roll up the paper when you insert it so that it unfurls close to the glass, giving it a three-dimensional look. Using a laser printer ensures that the ink won’t run when placed in water.

North Pole made from cardboard tube (fabric bolt) penguin is made from 2 liter, styrofoam balls are the top and the head of penguin. Use your imagination!