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TCR’s Digging Up Sight Words game for grades 1 and 2 helps children learn more than 260 sight words. Each player draws a sentence card, reads it aloud, and then chooses a sight word to complete the sentence. With a correct answer, the player collects the number of bones indicated on the card and moves ahead. The most bones wins!

The games from WCA Games That Teach add to and supplement curriculum, including Common Core. All of them are in easy-to-learn, familiar game formats, similar to Monopoly, Bingo, dominoes and more. “They are reasonably priced educational games that really teach,” said Company President Mark Carlson.

Surprise – it’s a teaching tool! Award-winning County Fair from J. Bell-Jones was created in 2008 for the “county fair” market, but teachers discovered that it’s an effective tool to develop reading and math skills. The setting is a fair, and players roll the die, accumulate ribbons and points, and spend money on treats, event tickets and tractors as they race around the board.

64 Crayola crayons with labels stating the chemicals that will make those colors! So instead of thinking “I want green” they will think “I want Barium Nitrate Ba(NO3)2 Flame” and then when they take chemistry in high school and their teacher sets some gas on fire and it makes a green color and they ask the class what chemical it was your student will know it was Barium...ha ha!

The Reading Game teaches children new words by turning rote learning into a fast-paced memory game. After they read each beautifully illustrated storybook – six books in all, each written using only 30 words that are organized into groups of five – children play the simple word-matching game to commit the new words to memory. There’s a winner every few seconds.

Legend has it that the fun Farkel dice game from Legendary Games originated in Texas, where early settlers carved dice out of hardened black farkleberries (or huckleberries or sparkleberries). A favorite of teachers, the game has been commercially marketed for almost 20 years by Legendary Games, based in Witchita, Kansas.