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The 25 Best Skateparks in the World - 3. Denver Skatepark

This skate park in Denver, Colorado shows off a modern theme and gives skaters a place to feel at home just outside of the downtown area.

Another must have feature for me is the long hallways! They add such length to the upstairs and if they are long enough you can fill them with awesome things like mini bookcases or beautiful wall tables.

It's All in the Details... I recently watched the movie “The Holiday”. The movie itself was pretty good (I liked the Kate Winslet storyline better than the Cameron Diaz one). But the real star, in my...

DIY 3ft. halfpipe

my instructions for this half pipe will be as clear and precise as possible.please comment if you dont have an account just make one it's awesome!this is good to refer to.

Installation, Exposition : images du siècle de la reconversion portuaire, François Lewyllie

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