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How To Bleach a Drop Cloth

Use this method to bleach a stiff drop cloth and turn it into yards of soft, beautiful fabric for use in home decor and crafts.

DIY Lace Bleach Shirt- flatten tee & insert cardboard inside. Lay lace over it and mist with spray bottle of bleach. When pattern shows, plunge tee into cold water/vinegar mixture to stop the bleaching process. Wash, then wear!

DIY: How to Soften and Prepare Drop Cloth Fabric for Upholstering - this is a thorough tutorial that shows how to wash, bleach and soften up drop cloths that are available in the home improvement store + How to Upholster a Chair - Little Miss Penny Wenny

Hedge Maze Area Rug

Lay a tarp so clean up is easy. Figure out how to do curves neatly (I'm thinking paisley). If it has to be straight, do a herringbone pattern. If dark carpet, use bleach to make two tone. If lighter paint on dye and scotch guard to add color. Dye cab be added to bleached rug to make multi color.

BEST Altoids survival kit tin. Good idea for emergency shtf bag. I generally apply petroleum to the cotton and put them in a baggy and carry a good flint starter and ditch the matches I also carry iodine pills inst. of bleach. Moleskin in & knife hanging off pack or in my pocket. Inside of altoid pack can be used to signal. Sometimes I squeeze in a little copper wire from a chord to see if I can snag something.

How To Bleach a Drop Cloth

Fill top load washer with water - add 8 cups of bleach - submerge drop cloth in bleach water - soak for 3 hours - spin and drain the water - run through 2 complete cycles of washing with regular detergent - DMW

Beginning puppy potty porch. Bleach porch, lay down tarp, surround with decorative stone.

Sigman 9 in. Tarp Ball Bungee (25-Pack)-BB09B at The Home Depot - use to hang bleached canvas drop cloth curtains