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Cultures that endorse modesty and cultures that endorse hypersexualization are the *same* thing. Both define female sexuality by how it relates to the male gaze. In both cases the female body exists as an ornament either to be kept carefully hidden or put on display.

No means no, no matter what language it's in. I think the slut walk would be a great thing to participate in, because it generates publicity to make people aware of rape culture in our society, especially because of recent events in our history such as the Steubenville case. A girl was incapable of giving consent, that means no, but she was repeatedly raped anyways.

How to Be a Trans* Ally [click on this image to find an insightful short clip featuring a number of trans* activists answering the question, "How do you describe your gender identity?"]

Two of my favorite lines from Emma Watson's speech on the state of feminism.

And not every girl wants to be a princess. "Not every boy wants to be a soldier." Facial hair with otherwise feminine fashion.

This will make you feel better - Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring Quotes

Another pinner wrote this I'm a hijqbi but I agree "As a non-hijabi Muslim girl, I wish more people understood this." - Imgur