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Baptism of stupid.

Funny pictures about Baptism of stupid. Oh, and cool pics about Baptism of stupid. Also, Baptism of stupid.


You eat them animal crackers girl! That cashier is pretty fricken awesome:)

Too bad you're screaming, because it sounds like the neighbor really wants to go to sleep XD

Don't miss apartment living! (I'm the upstairs neighbor.) - im the downstairs neighbor. I cant stop.

This sounds like me. Although I'd probably have an armful of books and my iPod and my headphones....

I'm no wadjet but these are my favourite tumblr posts and I wanted to share

Save the computer. And the charger. << funny how fire exposes our priorities.

I want my life to be this...

Security cameras

Omg and it's at times like these that I wish my school had security camera even though that's the crappiest idea I've ever heard. What idiot puts security camera in schools?<< welcome to public school.

Scottish tuba encouragement with a dash of Rocky.... I like it.

This guy is amazing. Kilt wearing tuba player, eye of the tiger

Welcome to Starbucks my precious.

My Preciousss.sorry for the strong language but this is too funny not to post. I would totally ask this guy out for the geek reference

You're gonna need a burn heal for that

Funny pictures about A really smart kid. Oh, and cool pics about A really smart kid. Also, A really smart kid.

If i was the teacher i would laugh so hard

i cracked up laughing and this is literally the third time i've seen this! i literally can't stop laughing!

Disney funny

there aren't any cast members dressed as skeletons in the haunted mansion! Just go to Disney World. Not Disney land.

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Dad jokes

Only if MY dad isn't the one who says them, so no "Dad jokes" Dad!<<< my dad only says the jokes practically every dad does. Example: me" I'm hungry" dad "hi hungry I'm dad"

I like how the mom laughs at them and runs to the bathroom to avoid peeing her pants and not help her child out of the puddle of soup and then laugh at them and run to the bathroom to avoid peeing her pants.


Everyone learned their lesson. It's what happens when you share a class with crazy people. <-- So what if he's sexually attracted to owls? Owls are fine with me.