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Bicycle Love Logo design - Bicycle related, may also be used for a bicycle retailer, company or bicycle repair outlet. Price $600.00

The Zebra Camo. Fact: If a zebra wore this jersey, it might flat-out disappear. Also: We have no idea how camouflage works. Space-Age Fabric Comes StandardSuper l

Minimal Twist on the Hubless #bike Designer: Jose Hurtado If you can look past the hubless wheels, you’ll appreciate the fine symmetry behind this design- the Twist Bike. The unique gearing system allows each component to be easily removed for storage, repair, or transporting. The design is also capable of linking with other Twists to create a tandem network of bikes.

Carrier Bike is capable of transforming between two modes; Bicycle mode (not folded) and Carrier mode (folded). The middle part of the design acts like a storage area that opens with a sliding door. In addition, it is also the part that contains electric motor and the pedal. The most unique feature is that this same storage part allows users to carry their belonging not only when the bike in carrier mode, but also when the bike is in riding mode. Source Designer - Shin Hyung Sub Shin

The vintage rustic look of black is a nice touch to this retro logo. Also the cross- hatching triangle at under the main design gives a 3-d feel with shadowing affect. The blue border makes the black center pop, especially with the white lettering against the background. The type going along the shape of the piece creates balance throughout the piece.

nice window sticker - would love to do this for my friend that just fell in love with biking!!