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Make friends of all races!no one is born racist! People teach that to their children. After all Jehovah god does not aprove of it.

Too cute except it bothers me a little that he is sitting in the street with no pants...guess they checked for rocks first lol

"Little cowboy wearing his hat, but he'll have to grow a little to grow into them boots!

This is adorable

this is too cute, use mommy's blue cowboy boots from mommy and daddy's wedding! -- how are you just gonna put your baby in a boot like that?

This is beyond precious. Just airforce instead (:

Soldier Has His Little Baby In his Pocket beautiful picture

I remember this picture in our local Coop and I have always loved it....

I remember always seeing this picture in my great-grandparents house. They have gone home to be with The Lord but this pic always reminds me of them discussing the farm! This would be a good idea for a pic of me & my sisters child!