Dough recipe for sugar cookies that won't lose their shape. Needed around Christmas time.

Unlike most other roll out cookie dough, there's no need to chill this recipe before rolling it out.

Basic Sugar Cookie Recipe--this is the best sugar cookie dough I have ever made. It is super easy to work with, and no need to refrigerate before rolling out. Cookies spread just a little bit while baking, but they still kept their shape and remained a little soft a day later. Definite win.

How to flood cookies with Icing... properly. I've been wanting to know how to do this forever

How to make perfect sugar cookies. How I need this.

Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe ~ the perfect cut out cookie which holds its shape.

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

Cutout sugar cookies that hold their shape while baking, and icing recipe

A great how to with royal icing on sugar cookies and a cut out dough recipe that holds it's shape. Fantastic. Great cookie recipe and excellent royal icing. I added almond extract. The vanilla and the almond together were wonderful!

Secrets to homemade cinnamon rolls and an awesome buttermilk-based sweet dough recipe

good recipes for sugar cookies and royal icing along with a good tutorial

Sand Dollar Cookie How-To4

For all you Disney lovers out there: Mickey & Minnie Cookies l Somewhat Simple

pink frosted sugar cookies || One Sweet Appetite

Ingredients are everything when it comes to baking cookies--they determine everything from taste (or course) to shape and consistency. How about making a batch of classic chocolate chip cookies from scratch tonight:

so cute!

How to make cute baby girl cookies. Complete tutorial.

Sugar cookie recipe for cookies that won't loose their shape!