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Master the art of observing. If you pay close attention, you'll see people's consistent actions, patterns and habits will often tell you FAR more about who they are than their words ever will.


A lie. One little white lie. You didn't lie and say "no, you don't look fat", even that is against best friend code. You always tell the truth to your bestie.


INFJ - a sweet tongue, a dirty mind, a playful heart, and a loving soul.

"If you are a friend with an INTJ...you are not an ordinary person."--No, you are not. Do you know the odds of being considered a friend to an INTJ? Almost non-existent. You are special to me; so much so I've called you my friend. That's big. HUGE! I value you and always will despite any lack of communication or reciprocation. And if you're wondering...yes, I'm talking to you. Pick up the phone and call me. I'll answer. ~Missy

INTJ (you should know this if you are my friend.you are like a rare bird, or a unicorn.

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There really are dangerous people like this. They will attempt to destroy you, then pretended to pick up the pieces - acting lik the "savior". These people want you to remain a slave to their control. Remember who your Savior really is!

What is an INTJ? | #INTJ

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Sometimes I feel like certain guys are babies. But then, I grew up in a really strong family.

25 Ways to make a Woman fall in Love with You Sometimes I feel like certain guys are babies. But then, I grew up in a really strong family.

Freaks, Onions, and Paradoxes: Life as an INTJ Female - Living Unabridged

I know. That's thing about working with people someone always slips up. Truth comes out. Thanks for letting me have it confirmed by the grapevine. You truly are a lousy person and everyone else knows too.

Scorpios have an intuition like you've never known. Just because you think you're getting away with something doesn't mean you are. We keep quiet until the time is perfect.

INTJ's do not recognize authority based on tradition, rank, or title.

Profile of the INTJ personality - The Mastermind

INTJ's do not recognize authority based on tradition, rank, or title. And those "in authority" and sycophants have never understood or been comfortable with this particular trait of mine

You know that phenomenon where you are completely unaware of something—a song, a commercial, a trend, a meme—but then someone brings it to your attention, and after that you see it ever…

I'm not a Sociopath: I'm Just an INTJ

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MBTI in words: ISTJ: private, practical, logical, and coordinated.

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It takes a lot for me to put someone in their place, because I’m not a mean person. But if you violate principle after principle of mine that serves the greater good, and if you hurt the ones I love, I will unleash the truth. I patiently perceive people,

Being a Scorpio: I'm seriously the nicest and meanest person you will ever meet. Now duck off and have a great day.


A male who loves beauty and sensual images. (I do not own any of the images, just repost them for others to enjoy too.

All you had to do was be honest gave you so many chances just sucks it had to be you

I can handle just about anything, but being lied to is where I draw the line. There is no room in my life for liars. Time to say bye to some people.