Related Pins

Kimmidoll™ Madoka - "Tranquil" - "My spirit is serene and dignified. Your serene self-assurance shows my spirit. By living your life with quiet dignity and calm confidence, you spread the spirit of tranquillity."

Kimmidoll™ Ryoko - 'Elegant' - "My spirit is gracious and refined. Your refined elegance emulates my spirit. By valuing the simple and enduring things in life, and nurturing within yourself both grace and refinement, may you live an elegant life."

Jade - Lucky and wise - 'A friend listens with their heart'

Kimmidoll™ Sonomi - 'Friendship' - "My spirit reaches out and embraces. With your heart always open and your hand always extended you live the spirit of a friend. May friendship expand the borders of your world and enrich your life forever."

Kimmidoll™ Kana - 'Cheerful' - "My spirit is light and carefree. Your light-hearted and optimistic view of life reveals my spirit. Everywhere you go your carefree nature and ready smile brightens the lives and lightens the spirits of all those you meet. Wherever you go, may happiness always follow."

.Mimi - Quirky and spontaneous - 'Friends are like rainbows'

Kimmidoll™ Yumika - 'Kindness' - "My spirit is receptive and responsive. Always open and responsive to the needs of others you share the spirit of kindness. With your kind-hearted ways may you always be remembered with love and gratitude."