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    Mica and her favorite toy

    funny dog pictures when we first got a puppy my wife said not allowed in bed look at it now

    adorable dog knows when i've had a bad day and comforts me

    funny dog picture when a puppy lays down on your lap you don't move

    funny dog photo my dog died just a little on the inside when i ate last piece of burger

    funny dog picture how my dog looks at me when i sing in the car

    8.15.14 - Things Only a Dog Owner Can Understand

    Sleepy pug

    5 Most affectionate dog breeds

    A farm dog and a piglet cuddle up as if they were family after the baby "runt" was dismissed by its mother. Surrogate mom Katjinga, an eight year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, took on motherly duties for little Paulinchen, a pot bellied pig. ~ Miks' Pics "Animals lll" board @

    Heart Throb in training

    Best thing on Pinterest!!

    12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Yorkshire Terriers. JUST TOO CUTE

    Just a little dachshund...

    yes, you sweet tiny fluff ball, this IS your very own queen-sized bed. what? oh, you didn't want polka dots? we'll fix that first thing in the morning.

    They're really good at tennis.

    They come in all shapes and sizes.

    They make great beds...for other dogs.

    Because of head tilts.

    They're very helpful shopping companions.