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culturenlifestyle: “Stunning Surreal Skyscape Illuminated With Galactic Colors The celestial art featured by artist Erisiar features stunning skyscapes that threaten to spill open with radiant colors.

It is by pure coincidence that we exist on a planet and in a time when our star, the Sun, is covered exactly during total eclipse. No other known planet has total eclipse and at some point in the future they won't occur on Earth either.

Aquel desmesurado y desorbitado sentir ronda por las páginas de mi memoria. La luna llena aún nos recuerda.

Фото Ken Kaneki / Ken Kaneki from the anime Tokyo Ghoul / Tokyo ghoul (© chucha), добавлено:

Markus Lovadina, Aka: "Malo"

Landscapes by Markus Lovadina / cyberpunk alley / sci fi city lights / digital art