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"I Warned 'im!"

"I Warned 'im!" \\ Paper Sculpture by Allen and Patty Eckman

Cast Paper Sculptures by Allen & Patty Eckman

You! Be Inspired! - Sculpting Paper

Cast Paper Sculpture by Allen & Patty Eckman

@Carey Baldwin Salvador Guzman and Hound Gallery - Horse paper sculptures by Anna-Wili Highfield for Hermès

incredible paper sculptures Anna-Wili Highfield Horse Mask For Hermes 2011 Approx. 100 x 110 x 100 cm Cotton paper, ink, cotton thread, silk, copper pipe internals with hard hat.

The Loot | Eckman Fine Art:  Patty and Allen Eckman create highly detailed works in their hand made acid free cast paper sculptures.

Patty y Allen Eckman

Paper sculpture by Eckman.

Paper sculpture by Eckman.

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Cast Paper Sculptures Celebrate Native American Culture - Allen and Patty Eckman

Elk Horn Warrior

Elk Horn Warrior by Allen Eckman Paper Sculpture

Paper sculpture by Allen and Patty Eckman

Paper Sculptures Patty and Allen Eckman Patty and Allen Eckman have been creating wonderful high detail works in their hand made acid free cast paper sculpture since 1988 and they have

Standing Elks Vision, (Digital Sculpture Print)

Print: Standing Elks Vision I (Digital Sculpture)

Calvin Nicholls

Calvin Nicholls