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RETRO BATH BOMB. There is something old fashioned and comforting about this combination of fizz and fragrance that will refresh and relax you. A bath bomb to remember. Only £2.29

OCEAN BATH BOMB. Real sea salt adds to this bathing experience with a fragrance inspired by exotic shores. A bath bomb to remember. Only £2.29

COCONUT DREAM BATH BOMB. Think of palm trees and tropical beaches. Drop this tropical bath bomb in your bath and you'll be transported there (without the long haul) Only £2.29

APPLE PIE & CUSTARD BATH BOMB. Not just for fruit cakes. You will love this bath bomb experience. How often do you get to luxuriate in apple pie & custard? Only £2.29

RASPBERRY & BLACKPEPPER BATH BOMB. This most unusual combination creates a surprisingly exotic & relaxing experience. A fruity yet spicy bath bomb! Only £2.69

PARTY GIRL (WITH GLITTER) BATH BOMB. Tonight's the night and we are on the razz. Get in the mood to party with this glittering good-time bath bomb. Only £2.29

SIMPLY VANILLA BATH BOMB. Think of calming scent that evokes emotional reactions and memories of home and happiness. A wonderful bath bomb experience. Only £2.29

STAR STRUCK BATH BOMB. Bath bomb cake made with Aniseed China Star, Orange & Lime essential oils. Only £2.19

ROMANTIC REBEL BATH BOMB CAKE. Bath bomb cake made with Rose , Lavender & Patchouli essential oils. Only £2.19

LAY BACK AND LANGUISH BATH BOMB CAKE. Bath bomb cake made with Lavender & Marjoram essential oils. Only £2.19

LEMON & EUCALYPTUS BATH BOMB. Power and Joy! These energising scents will bring you the power and joy of nature. One of our favourite bath bombs here at Squeaky Duck. Only £2.29

LAVENDER FLOWERS BATH HEART. Megafizz Bath Hearts are fragrant bath additions. Drop one into your bath and watch it fizz and bubble and add fragrance (and sometimes flowers or glitter) to your bath. Only £1.99

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Delicious Bath & Body Works Made With Love Hand Soaps for Holiday 2014

I'm quite excited about the new delicious Bath & Body Works Made With Love Hand Soaps for Holiday 2014! Berry Tart, Merry Cookie, Salted Caramel, Cherry Al

bath basket of french vintage soaps / bottle with feathers